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Whether you’re a beginner in machine learning or an expert, you would have had a hard time understanding the concept of backpropagation in neural networks.This article aims to explain the intuition behind the backpropagation algorithm in a simple way, that can be understandable even by a machine learning beginner.



Unsupervised 3D Human Pose Estimation

A kinematic-structure-preserved unsupervised 3D pose estimation framework

Ensemble-based Endoscopy Artefact Detection

An ensemble-based endoscopy video artefact detection that detects eight types of artefact classes

Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaption for Object Detection

Analysis of the current image-to-image adpation methods on video-surveillance datasets.

Highlights Generation for Broadcast Cricket Videos

Automatic highlights generation for broadcast cricket videos

Indian Flora Project

A plant species identification and disease detection system using deep learning and computer vision algorithms.


An online mathematical contest held as a part of Pragyan, the tech-fest of NIT Trichy.

Indian Railways EMU Production Application

A digital platform to track different stages in the coach and rake production unit of Indian Railways (Integral Coach Factory)

Smart Healthcare System

A smart healthcare system using deep-learning models as a collaborative pipeline between doctors and patients